Emma Hughes creative workshop on Waiheke

More than just a “how to” course; this workshop will encourage you to delve into your inner world to bring new depths and layers of intrigue to your photography. We will spend the morning exploring art photography and some techniques and methods that can be used to add mystique to your images.

Following a break for lunch, we will head out to one of Waiheke’s beautiful beaches to explore and practice what we have learned. A local model will be available for those that would like to work with one, but we will also explore self-portraiture and ways of creatively capturing the natural world around us.

We will be focusing on thought processes and capture (as opposed to computer/post-processing techniques), so bring your camera, tripod, an open
curious mind and comfortable shoes as we will plan to walk to the beach (weather permitting). Join Emma Hughes exploring creativity and expression through the art of photography.

Cost is $60 - Price DOES NOT include cost of ferry or lunch.


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