AGM 28th March
The AGM of the Auckland Photographic Society is to be held on Thursday 28th March, 2018 at St Vincent’s Hall, Remuera beginning at 7.45pm.
All members are encouraged to attend. We are calling for nominations for the Executive Committee and encourage all members to consider standing.
The Officers of the Society are elected at the AGM each year, and consist of a Patron, President, Immediate Past President (ex officio), a Secretary, a Treasurer, (but one person may hold both of these two offices) and a committee of not more than 12 persons.
Our Patron, President, Secretary and 4 of the current committee members have elected to re-stand for election to the Executive Committee for 2019/2020 year.
There is a need for 2 more committee members, and I would encourage you to stand, or nominate a fellow club member
A nomination form is attached. Members interested in joining the committee should arrange for a Proposer and a Seconder to sign their form and forward to the Secretary by email or post – PO Box 28065, Remuera 1541 Auckland, or delivered to Secretary or President on request by Monday 25th March.Nomination Form
The evening will commence with the formal business of 2018 in review, financial accounts and election of officers.
We will then break for tea/coffee/biscuits and followed by a fun and relaxed evening of photographic slideshows getting to know the members of APS and a chance to appreciate a wider range of pictures.
We are running our next 5X7 evening in conjunction with the AGM, as we did last year, and would like to invite people to participate. 5X7 involves 5 people showing a set of photographs over 7 minutes each. The aim of 5 x 7 is to give you the opportunity to share your photographic interests and for club members to get to know each other. There are no set expectations. You could take a thematic approach; show a collection of unconnected photos, or a set of photos that reflect your recent capability development. There are no rules and no judging - simply a requirement to finish after seven minutes. Depending on what you want to say and how fast you can do it, 7 minutes allows for between 20 to 30 photos. If you are interested in participating please advise Ewon Lucas at by 10 March. She will send you the power point format into which you simply drop you photos. You will be need to save the presentation to a USB stick which you bring along on the evening. Someone will operate the computer for you.
We look forward to both your attendance and participation. See you all on Thursday 28th March 2019