APS Competition - Photo Journalism and Open

Recording events and people of the day. Pictures that uniquely record aspects of life today.
Better images generally tell a story.
Photojournalism entries should consist of pictures or sequences with informative content and emotional impact, including human interest,
documentary and spot news. The journalistic value of the photograph shall be considered over pictorial quality. In the interest of credibility,
photographs which misrepresent the truth, such as manipulation to alter the subject matter, or situations which are set up for the purpose of photography, are unacceptable in Photojournalism competition.
No elements may be moved, cloned, added, deleted, rearranged, combined or changed in any way that affects the integrity of the image content. No manipulation or modification is permitted except resizing, cropping, selective lightening or darkening, and restoration of original colour of the scene. No special effect filters can be added or applied either before or after image creation and any sharpening must appear natural.