APS End of Year

At the end of every year we have a final competition and price giving. This is a relatively casual evening. All the submitted images will have been prejudged. A selection of which will be on display.  The format of the evening is prize giving then drinks (supplied by APS) and nibbles (BYO, please).

The Judge of the images is invited to join us, speak and show some personal work.

There are a number of trophy’s to be won:

First Aggregate point trophy’s, these are the points attributed to your entry’s over the year for entering images and the placing it was awarded:

  • Top Aggregate Points - Print - Novice
  • Top Aggregate Points - Print - Advanced
  • Top Aggregate Points - Print - Salon
  • Top Aggregate Points - Projected Image - Novice
  • Top Aggregate Points - Projected Image - Advanced
  • Top Aggregate Points - Projected Image - Salon

Note, end of year awards do not have points that count to your overall tally

  • The total of your points is taken into account when members are moved up a level. i.e from Novice to Advanced,

Secondly, The judges choice from images submitted for the end of year judging:

  • Best Novice Print
  • Best Advanced Print
  • Best Salon Print
  • Best Novice Projected Image
  • Best Advanced Projected Image
  • Best Salon Projected Image
  • Best Overall Print
  • Best Overall Projected Image

Judges Choice is your chance to resubmit images regardless of the award given to them through the year. If you feel your image deserves more than an “acceptance or Highly Commended” then now is the time to enter it again. This is the only time of year you can resubmit an image that was awarded anything more than a “pass”

You can submit up to a maximum of 12 images, 6 entries in Print & 6 in Digital.  These must have been entered for competition this year 2013, (not in previous years)

They are to be entered as was and not altered.

Print & Digital registrations must be submitted via the website no later than the published deadline. 

Prints can be handed to the Print convener on October club night.