5 x 7 APS Members Slideshow

“5 x 7”


APS Members Slideshow


A fun night of quick fire presentations


5 members sharing 20 slides of what they love to photograph


in 7 minutes flat!




5 x 7 is a fun filled and dynamic event where you’ll get the opportunity to show everyone what you really love to do and discover the skills and strengths of fellow members. 


Presentations are simply 20 digitally projected slides of your images talked to for around 20 seconds each, for a maximum time limit of 7 minutes. Others will then have the opportunity to ask questions about your work for 5 minutes afterward. 


Ideas for presentations can be a trip you’ve done, your photographic journey, a specialised technique or work produced from a course you’ve done. There is a wealth of skill and knowledge to be shared amongst our own, so blow the dust off some of your creations and share them with an appreciative audience!


If you are interested in part of 5 x 7 please get in touch with Lezanne Gibbs or Roger Hammond by email at president@aps.net.nz

5 x 7 nights are held on a quarterly basis.