5 x 7 and social gathering

Come and enjoy a fun and relaxed evening of photographic slideshows getting to know the members of APS.
The 5 x 7 format is 5 members showing 20 images in a slideshow lasting 7 minutes. They will tell you the story behind the photograph and what made them take it or how they did it.
Anyone can present and it’s an opportunity to blow the dust off your portfolio and show us what really makes you tick in a relaxed and non-competitive environment.

If you are interested in presenting on any of these three evenings please get in touch with Lezanne Gibbs (lmv@xtra.co.nz), Ewon Lucas(ewon.lucas@gmail.com or Roger Hurley (rhurley@tandr.co.nz). Best to copy us all in to be sure we don’t miss anything.

Followed by tea, coffee and a chance to chat with club members