Remote digital image critiquing for Novice and Advanced grades

APS is introducing an initiative to assist new members to our club who may have questions about how to best present their images.  Sometimes something as simple as a different crop or a change to monochrome can significantly enhance the intent and story of your image. 

Several Salon members have made themselves available to offer brief evaluative critique on an image that you may feel has potential. This may involve comment on the effectiveness of the message, expression, creativity, composition and presentation of the image.  

As in all image assessment, the evaluation will offer a personal opinion only – the aim is to assist photographers to become more critically aware of their own imagery. The assessment in no way guarantees an honours grade if the image is ever entered in a club completion. The vagaries of judging come in to play at that time.

Brief bios are provided below.  If you wish to participate, you are encouraged to make direct contact with that Salon member.  Please note that APS acknowledges that everyone’s time is valuable.  If the person you contact is not able to assist at the time, they will let you know ASAP.

Credentials: FPSNZ, EFIAP/b, LRPS

My genre preferences: Sport, Natural History, Photo Journalism, Triptychs.

Please visit my web site for more information about me and my photography.

At Howick I have mentored two members and one went on to get their LPSNZ. I've been a PSNZ Accredited judge for about 4 years, judged NATEX and North Shore Salon and Canon-online. This year I have judged for 12 different Camera clubs. 

My interest is in portraits, natural light and studio plus landscapes. I enjoy getting out trying different techniques. 
I am also a photography tutor at the Auckland Zoo

Karen Lawton: 

I would describe myself as two things – 
  • A predominantly conceptual photographer, creating lists of image ideas to be made and then trying – sometimes in vain – to find the place, the prop, the person, the time to allow that vision to come to fruition. That can be a really intense process. 
  • And a photographer who embraces serendipity.   I think the most important aspect of photography is finding your own voice, your own vision. When life aligns and allows that vision to be appreciated by an audience, that is a bonus.  I am a PSNZ accredited judge and have found that function has enabled me to concentrate on constructive critique for the NZ and Australian clubs I have judged for.
Lynn Clayton: 


Lynn is an accomplished judge contributing her expertise frequently at New Zealand camera clubs as well as other National and International Salons. She has been a PSNZ National Exhibition selector on three occasions. She has judged at the 16th China International Salon of Photography in Zhenghouz and has sat on the judging panel for the D-Photo Magazine Photographer of the Year. Lynn has exhibited widely and has won a number of Gold medals and similar accolades.