An Evening with Datong Pang

On Thursday 26th June we have a unique opportunity to spend an evening with the Chinese Professional Photographer Mr Pang Datong. Mr Datong is exhibiting as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography Click here and has kindly agreed to talk to us about his work.

 The following is a brief introduction to Mr Pang Datong:

 Mr. Pang Datong, born in May 1945,

Member of China Photographer Association,

Member of China Press Photographer Association

Member of Artistic Photographer Association

Honorary President of Shenzhen Enterprise Photography Association

Cultural Advisor of Hong Kang, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Marco Photography Association


He is well known professional Photographer in China and his work covering landscapes, sceneries, culture and people. He has travelled many countries for his creativities. He has great passion and special love to New Zealand and visited New Zealand 12 times. Many of Mr. Pang’s photo works have been published and collected in China Professional Photography Magazines and Albums. His photo works have been officially selected and participated


  • China International Photography Festival (Pingyao) in 2007
  • Shenzhen Arts Festival in 2009 and 2011