APS Night time photography trip – North Head June 06 2013

I’ll double check nearer the time but North Head is usually unlocked for pedestrians. These are examples of night time pics I have taken in the last year. Three of them at North Head.

I will rope in the assistance of Murray and we will not bring our cameras so we can concentrate on helping you. We both have super powerful torches that are great for light painting at night. If you want to try doing star trails, here is a great opportunity and I’ll share the disappointments I have had and pass on what I have learned so far as well as what went well and what worked for me. I’ll also bring the equipment to try wire wool spinning, its fun and dangerous so it helps if you have people who have tried it already. Don’t panic though my 14 year old son has spun for me before.


I am not claiming to be an expert but when we try something new we are all novices right?

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APS Shoot 1
Tony Gorham - APS Shoot 1
APS Shoot 2
Tony Gorham - APS Shoot 2
Tony a work
Roger Hammond - Tony a work
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