2016 Lightroom presentation by Sandrina Huish - Notes

October 2016 Lightroom Presentation


It was wonderful to have such and enthusiastic and interactive group of APS members along to my presentation on Thursday evening. After my own initial nerves it seemed to flow very well from what I had to show and what you members asked.

Some great moments of " OH Wow, is that how you do that"

Below is a list of things we covered, this may help jog your memory and inspire you to play and find out more.There are so many tools we did not get time for.

Also a few websites I use, but don't hesitate to Google search the answer there is SO much helpful info out there.

Or if you have a question why not ask it on the APS facebook page and I'll do my best to help.

In all cases HAPPY PLAYING

Cheers Sandrina


Right click options, Solo Mode, sections on or off.

Help: Module shortcut, for key stroke shortcuts


Develop module
Crop - cropping and image "A" key to lock or unlock crop

Spot Removal - this is a basic but very handy tool to Clone or Heal
Graduated filter - skies and balance adjustments

Adjustment Brush - how to remove or enhance detail, shade etc
White Balance - White Balance, auto or manual
Lens correction - Profile & Manual

Synchronize Setting - to copy or adjust over multiple images at once.

Synchronize folder - to show images you have moved there via your pc file explorer

Presets - for almost everything, from import, export and file handling

Backup - your catalog, image library and presets folder

Map - locating your image position and GPS, drag & drop if your camera does not have GPS

Virtual copy - to have a go at loads of styles, select a few and hit 'N' to send them to Survey to see them all at once.

Collections - How to group images for future or other use. IE: up and coming APS competitions

Key words - To assist finding images

Library Filter - Be more specific about your search. Use the "\" back slash key to access

Rating - Colour or star rating options, will help find your favourites  

Lens Profile - Correcting issues that are specific to a lens we use.

Transform - Fixing issues such as perspective

Effects - Dehaze!!

Hard drive names- Fix and find images when external hard drives have been reconnected.


web sites of valuable info






Kind Regards
Sandrina Huish   LPSNZ

Auckland Photographic Society

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