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General Events (Past 3 Years)
Thursday 07-Mar-2019

Short of Images in the Creative category Competition? Not anymore!!

In this workshop Gail Stent ( Winner of a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal in the 2018 Creative Focus competition) will join us with a range of set up activities to have fun with your camera. This is a hands on workshop to try new things- PLEASE BRING YOUR CAMERAS!! Gail will share her skills and creative experience to get us thinking and shooting way outside the square. This should be a fun do come along and join us 7.30 for 7.45 start on Thursday 7 March.

Thursday 21-Mar-2019
The field is wide open. The only restriction is the current APS Rule that states:
“Digitally enhanced images are acceptable provided that they originate from a photograph taken by the author and the enhancements are undertaken by the author.”
Thursday 28-Mar-2019
The AGM of the Auckland Photographic Society is to be held on Thursday 28th March, 2018 at St Vincent’s Hall, Remuera beginning at 7.45pm.
All members are encouraged to attend. We are calling for nominations for the Executive Committee and encourage all members to consider standing.
The Officers of the Society are elected at the AGM each year, and consist of a Patron, President, Immediate Past President (ex officio), a Secretary, a Treasurer, (but one person may hold both of these two offices) and a committee of not more than 12 persons.
Our Patron, President, Secretary and 4 of the current committee members have elected to re-stand for election to the Executive Committee for 2019/2020 year.
There is a need for 2 more committee members, and I would encourage you to stand, or nominate a fellow club member
A nomination form is attached. Members interested in joining the committee should arrange for a Proposer and a Seconder to sign their form and forward to the Secretary by email or post – PO Box 28065, Remuera 1541 Auckland, or delivered to Secretary or President on request by Monday 25th March.Nomination Form
The evening will commence with the formal business of 2018 in review, financial accounts and election of officers.
We will then break for tea/coffee/biscuits and followed by a fun and relaxed evening of photographic slideshows getting to know the members of APS and a chance to appreciate a wider range of pictures.
We are running our next 5X7 evening in conjunction with the AGM, as we did last year, and would like to invite people to participate. 5X7 involves 5 people showing a set of photographs over 7 minutes each. The aim of 5 x 7 is to give you the opportunity to share your photographic interests and for club members to get to know each other. There are no set expectations. You could take a thematic approach; show a collection of unconnected photos, or a set of photos that reflect your recent capability development. There are no rules and no judging - simply a requirement to finish after seven minutes. Depending on what you want to say and how fast you can do it, 7 minutes allows for between 20 to 30 photos. If you are interested in participating please advise Ewon Lucas at by 10 March. She will send you the power point format into which you simply drop you photos. You will be need to save the presentation to a USB stick which you bring along on the evening. Someone will operate the computer for you.
We look forward to both your attendance and participation. See you all on Thursday 28th March 2019
Sunday 31-Mar-2019
Tiritiri Matangi is the home for some 70 species of birds and also features seascape opportunities and the Tiritiri Matangi lighthouse which is the oldest operating lighthouse in New Zealand.

The club is fortunate in having Jo McCarthy who is one of the elite group of photographers that know Tiritiri Matangi very well and as a volunteer offers guided photo walks of the island. This trip will be dedicated to your interests in accessing the best opportunities and you will be free to leave the tour if you would prefer to pursue something specific. Jo will be happy to give you advice on that.

The time line for the trip will be:

9.00 Ferry leaves downtown Ferry Terminal calling in at Gulf Harbour on the way (which is an option for those living on the Northshore).

10.15 Arrive at Tiritiri Matangi and hear the DOC Ranger’s briefing

10.20 APS group leave with Jo. You can leave the tour if you wish to but please let Jo know.

Lunch At the Visitors’ Centre (bring your own but drinks are available for purchase). Opportunity to check in with Jo if you left the tour. Then explore the island independently.

3.15 Back at the Wharf for the return journey. This is your responsibility!

What to Bring
There is no food available for purchase on the Island so you must bring your own supplies. You can purchase cold drinks from the shop on the Island and complimentary tea and coffee are supplied by the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi, Dilmah, Nestlé and Chelsea Sugar.

Bring suitable clothing for the weather conditions on the day, lots of water, sun-block and hat and rain jacket.

Please go to the registration page to book your place. Then pay the $10 tour fee to the club bank account as instructed there. (This fee goes to the Tiritiri Matangi Trust).

This does not include the cost of the Ferry so you will need to purchase a return ticket on the day. The cost of this is $78.

After booking your confirmatory email will include a contact number you can call if it looks like bad weather means the trip is in doubt. We will refund your tour fee or hold for a rescheduled date if this can be arranged.

Registration Page

Please register for this tour below and to secure your place make a payment of $10 to APS.
Account name: Auckland Photographic Society Inc
Bank: ANZ
Account: 06 0257 0057088 00
Please enter your surname as the reference and “Tiri” as the code.

You can buy tickets for the ferry on the day if the ferry is not full so we recommend that you do this on-line in advance to be sure you have a place. Do not book the tour that is on offer from this site.

Event Starts Sunday 31st March 2019 9.00 am
Event Ends Sunday 31st March 3.15 pm
Location From the Fuller’s Ferry terminal
Register by Sunday 24th March

Book the ferry here
Thursday 04-Apr-2019
Geoff Beals is a one of Auckland's top bird photographers- join him to find out why!
In this workshop Geoff Beals will join us - sharing his images and tips on taking and then processing nature images. This should follow on beautifully from the Tiritiri Matangi outing on the 31st March and lead us into the competition night for April with Nature as the topic. This should be a night packed with useful information. Do come along to to learn -7.30 for 7.45 start on Thursday 4th April.
Thursday 18-Apr-2019

Nature photography depicts living, untamed animals, uncultivated plants in a natural habitat, geology, and the wide diversity of natural phenomena. Images of animals that are domesticated, caged or under any form of restraint, as well as cultivated plants, are ineligible.

The subject of the image must be in its natural environment and may include animals and birds living freely within conservation or nature reserves. Naturalised subjects are allowable, providing they are photographed under natural, not domestic conditions. Examples of naturalised subjects are deer, black swan, monarch butterfly, and briar (not cultivated) roses. Minimal evidence of human influence is acceptable for some nature subjects where they have adapted to an environment modified by humans. Examples include shags, harrier hawks, and welcome swallows. The presence of scientific bands on wild animals is acceptable. The accurate record of the subject and the natural environment are the prime factors.

All images must maintain a faithful representation of a natural form, behaviour or phenomenon as captured in the original image. No elements within the original image may be moved, cloned, introduced, deleted, rearranged or combined. No artificial, false or substitute backgrounds are to be used. Any manipulation or modification to the original image is limited to minor retouching of blemishes and must not alter the content of the original scene. Resizing, cropping, selective lightening or darkening and restoration of the original colour of the scene are also acceptable. Digital techniques that extend the capability of the camera may be used as long as they honestly and accurately represent the original nature story or event at the time of capture. Images in New Zealand Nature must have been taken in the natural environment of New Zealand or its offshore islands. For all Nature images, scientific or common names must be included in the titles.