Club Events
Thursday 18-Jun-2020 19:45

A planned work depicting inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects which are either natural or man-made.

Thursday 02-Jul-2020 19:30
Special AGM 2020. To be held at St Paul's Church Hall, St Vincent's Avenue, Remuera. 7.45pm on Thursday 2 July. Formal proceedings will be followed by social Happy Hour. Forms for nominations to committee should be obtained from Lynda Leng or Estelle Swan.
Thursday 16-Jul-2020 19:45

Action or camera-technique illustrating movement, or an action caught on camera which appears to be frozen in time.

Thursday 20-Aug-2020 19:45

Incorporate only 3 of the following 5 objects into your image to tell a story.  The image can be of any style or genre

  • Fork – the kind you eat with
  • Wristwatch – digital or analogue
  • Paperclips – any size or style provided they are recognisable as paperclips
  • Ice cubes – whole, any size
  • Two unripe bananas – the greener the better
Thursday 17-Sep-2020 19:45

Creatively looking through the foreground to the scene or subject.

Thursday 15-Oct-2020 19:45

Sea, city or land