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Thursday 15-Jun-2017
Put as much or as little into your image but craft it in natural light I.e. not with artificial light. It's your story, your design so put something of you into your still life image to give it a WOW factor. This could be through controlling natural light, an unusual perspective, or colour choice etc. Surprise us with your fine art image!
Thursday 06-Jul-2017
Ken Wright is a professional photographer, based at Papamoa, and one of the guest speakers at the 2015 PSNZ National Photographic Convention held in Tauranga.

Ken runs photographic classes and workshops for all levels including Lightroom and Photoshop. A professional designer Illustrator, art director and photographer by trade with over thirty years experience in creative arts and twenty years experience on Photoshop.

Ken will talk in detail about his 2 Day "Kaimai Mamaku Forest Waterfalls Workshop" and his 2 Day "Seascape and Waterfalls, dawn to Dusk" in the Bay of Plenty.

The next workshops in the Kaimai ranges are July 28/29/30 and August 18/19/20, places are limited and both are half booked already so be quick.

After the break:
Ken will give a presentation on "Coromandel Road Workshops"
These are new and are aimed at small groups looking for a 3-4 day weekend away. These workshops involve road trips to various locations and can be tailored to the groups needs.

For more information:

Thursday 20-Jul-2017
Tattoos-love them or hate them are everywhere today. Capture an image that exposes the special character of the Inked wearer. It can be a portrait but doesn’t need to be. It may be simply a limb or part of. As long as the Ink is intrinsic to the story telling.
Thursday 03-Aug-2017
A presentation from fine art photographer Wendy Brandon.
Thursday 17-Aug-2017
Turbulent, moody, sun filled and full of colour, dark and gloomy - create an image where the weather is integral to making your image a memorable image. Everything else is secondary.
Thursday 07-Sep-2017

Greg is a passionate astrophotographer and will share experiences and expertise with us.