Astro Workshop with Greg Stevens (FREE)

I am looking running a casual astrophotography workshop for those that might be interested on either Friday 22nd of Sept or possibly Saturday 23rd (rain day).

It will most likely be at the Kohekohe Church from about 8.30pm.

People will need to bring – a digital camera (ideally a DSLR) with a wide angle lens (ideally 14mm to 24mm, but even a 50mm will do)
- sturdy tripod, ideally with a ballhead.
- warm clothing including a hat and gloves
- something to eat and drink
- patience
- a SMALL torch!
I’m sure that I will think of some other things and let you know next week.

Pass this on to the club members to see who may be interested.

I have included some of the notes I use when I have done talks for a couple of presentations at Astrophotography groups.

I will be in contact again next week when I get back from conference to see if there is any interest.


Greg Stevens

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