May 2017 Workshop: From Camera to Print by John Botton
John Botton runs Print Art - a boutique fine art print studio based on Auckland North Shore.

This print orientated workshop will introduce you to an easy to implement colour workflow that begins with the your camera settings, monitor calibration and editing software colour space options and explores printer and paper selection for optimal output. During the course of the evening, we will cover the following:

• Why print?
• Types of printers
• Understanding resolution
• The digital colour space and colour gamut
• Colour workflow
• Camera settings
• Editing software colour space
• Monitor calibration
• Paper selection
• Understanding ICC profiles
• Printer calibration
• Print image preparation
• The print dialogue box
• Preparing for bureau printing

The workshop is interactive and I encourage discussion during the presentation.

I will bring along some images to demonstrate the different paper option available.