North Shore Salon Jul 2016
I think it is awesome that APS members did so well this year in the North Shore Salon. I haven't got the stats to confirm, but would believe these are the best results the club has ever achieved. Lynn Clayton and Heather Saint both achieved silver medals, and Karin Charteris a bronze. Howard Jack received an Honours, and there were a number of Highly Commendeds - Lynn Clayton, Lynda Leng, Roy Cernohorsky, Bryan Lay Yee, Liz Hardley, with acceptances by Sarah Caldwell, Karin Charteris, Liz Hardley, Karen Lawton, Lynda Leng, Beverly Winstone, Joan Caulfield, Roy Cernohorsky, Howard Jack, Karin Charteris, Vipul, Howard Jack, Heather Saint, Sandrina Huish, Bryan Lay Yee, Lynn Clayton, and Dave O'Leary. Most of these people received several awards, and the club was represented in all sections of the Salon. Apologies if I have missed anyone's name. 
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